News & Events:

Enfilade! 2017 is over, and it was the best yet! More game-masters, more events, and more gamers than ever before! The convention was a magnificent event and we invite you to review our photographs and event write-ups for a sense of everything that happened over this dice-throwing, rulers-out, incredible weekend.

Enfilade! 2018 Theme Vote (THE RESULTS ARE IN!):

The official results are in for next year’s Enfilade! 2018 Theme. By a pretty wide margin, and 125 voters, Rebels & Rebellions takes it by 55 votes to 19. Now we can’t wait to see what you gamemasters come up with!


Don’t forget to reserve a spot in your calendar for next year’s Enfilade! (May 25th – 27th, 2018)

Enfilade 2017 Awards

  • Best of Show Enfilade 2017 – Siege of Haengju
  • Best of Theme Enfilade 2017 – Omaha Beach
  • Directors Award Enfilade 2017 – Ken Cassady

Period A

  • Best of Period – Caligula Declares War on Neptune
  • Best of Theme – Isandlwana

Period B

  • Best of Period – It Started as a Mine Labor Dispute
  • Best of Theme – Australia Invaded

Period C

  • Best of Period – Return to the Island of the Crocodile God
  • Best of Theme – Omaha Beach

Period D

  • Best of Period – Siege of Haengju
  • Best of Theme – Battle of Lake Trasimene

Period E

  • Best of Period – Search for the Holy Grail
  • Best of Theme – Battle of Kalka River

Period F

  • Best of Period – Convoy Along the Mohawk
  • Best of Theme – What About Them?