NHMGS is an organization of historical miniature gamers located in the Pacific Northwest.


News & Events:


1-27 – Enfilade Game Sign-Up is receiving some changes this year: FOUR pre-sign up slots and no event sign-up line. Please read the Enfilade! page for details.

1/27 – Trumpeter Salute Dates for 2018:  March 16th 17th and 18th of this year. The Trumpeter Club invite all those who want to come up north again for another year of gaming in the Vancouver (BC) region.  A lot of the old favorites are back with some new additions. See the events page for details.

1/23 – DRUMBEAT 2018 Details: For those looking for information on Drumbeat this year, please check out the Panzer Depot’s information page: http://www.thepanzerdepot.com/drumbeat/drumbeat.htm

1/21 – Enfilade Sponsorship

We have some sponsors this year 

With special thanks to Dean Clarke for making this happen: FIRST SPONSOR is WARLORD GAMES.

You’ve all heard of them, but did you know how seriously cool they are? This year they have kindly donated some very thematic goodies we will be making available as prizes.

– The Last Argument of Kings
– Liberty or Death
– Rebellion!
– Blood on the Nile
– Glory Hallelujah!
– Zulu!

(and a smattering of lovely little miniatures!)

The next time you place an order with Warlord, maybe drop a note in the comments box and tell them how appreciative you are of this generosity.


Any idea for what qualifies as a prize, throw in a comment below and let me know. We don’t want to monetize the theme/period winners per se, and we already give placards and medals for this, but maybe best of show and the best of the painting competition?

Other thoughts?

1/2 – Enfilade! 2018 Key Dates:

The Key Dates for Enfilade! 2018 are now available:

  • GM Event Registration OPENS: Jan-1-2018 00:01
  • Pre-registration OPENS: Feb-1-2018 00:01
  • Pre-registrations CLOSES: April-30-2018 23:59
  • Event Sign-Up CLOSES: May-18-2018 23:59
  • Enfilade! 2018: May 25, 26, 27

Any questions, please contact Victor Cina (Event Coordinator) or Alyssa Faden (Convention Director).

12/5 – Enfilade! 2018 Planning:

Hello everyone!

The holidays are close and everyone is busy getting those presents wrapped, trimming the tree, setting up the Menorah but you know what else is close at hand?! Enfilade!!! That’s right starting January 1st, 2018 the website will open for all of those Game Masters who wish to run a game or two or three or more!!

So start thinking about what you game you want to run for the convention in May.

Event Coordinator


Enfilade 2017 Awards

  • Best of Show Enfilade 2017 – Siege of Haengju
  • Best of Theme Enfilade 2017 – Omaha Beach
  • Directors Award Enfilade 2017 – Ken Cassady

Period A

  • Best of Period – Caligula Declares War on Neptune
  • Best of Theme – Isandlwana

Period B

  • Best of Period – It Started as a Mine Labor Dispute
  • Best of Theme – Australia Invaded

Period C

  • Best of Period – Return to the Island of the Crocodile God
  • Best of Theme – Omaha Beach

Period D

  • Best of Period – Siege of Haengju
  • Best of Theme – Battle of Lake Trasimene

Period E

  • Best of Period – Search for the Holy Grail
  • Best of Theme – Battle of Kalka River

Period F

  • Best of Period – Convoy Along the Mohawk
  • Best of Theme – What About Them?