News & Events:

Enfilade! 2017 is over, and it was the best yet! More game-masters, more events, and more gamers than ever before! The convention was a magnificent event and we invite you to review our photographs and event write-ups for a sense of everything that happened over this dice-throwing, rulers-out, incredible weekend.

9/18 Update:


AMBUSCADE! details have been announced for December 2nd of 2017: The second annual AMBUSCADE! one-day historical miniature wargaming event will be held on Saturday, December 2, 2017, in the upstairs Level Up room of Guardian Games in Portland, Oregon. This event is FREE to attend, but donations are greatly appreciated to pay for the rental of the Level Up.

AMBUSCADE! seeks to provide the physical space, players, games, and opportunity for historical wargamers in Oregon to meet other area miniature gamers and build the greater Oregon wargaming community. AMBUSCADE! seeks to build the local foundations for a future multi-day hotel-based wargaming convention in Portland.

Details >> https://ambuscadeportland.blogspot.com/p/details-schedule-ambuscade-2017.html

Enfilade! 2018 Theme Vote (THE RESULTS ARE IN!):

The official results are in for next year’s Enfilade! 2018 Theme. By a pretty wide margin, and 125 voters, Rebels & Rebellions takes it by 55 votes to 19. Now we can’t wait to see what you gamemasters come up with!


Don’t forget to reserve a spot in your calendar for next year’s Enfilade! (May 25th – 27th, 2018)

Enfilade 2017 Awards

  • Best of Show Enfilade 2017 – Siege of Haengju
  • Best of Theme Enfilade 2017 – Omaha Beach
  • Directors Award Enfilade 2017 – Ken Cassady

Period A

  • Best of Period – Caligula Declares War on Neptune
  • Best of Theme – Isandlwana

Period B

  • Best of Period – It Started as a Mine Labor Dispute
  • Best of Theme – Australia Invaded

Period C

  • Best of Period – Return to the Island of the Crocodile God
  • Best of Theme – Omaha Beach

Period D

  • Best of Period – Siege of Haengju
  • Best of Theme – Battle of Lake Trasimene

Period E

  • Best of Period – Search for the Holy Grail
  • Best of Theme – Battle of Kalka River

Period F

  • Best of Period – Convoy Along the Mohawk
  • Best of Theme – What About Them?