NHMGS is an organization of historical miniature gamers located in the Pacific Northwest.


NHMGS Facebook Group

The Northwest Historical Miniature Gaming Society group on Facebook is another great way to interact with NHMGS members through social media. You can post current events and read what others are saying on your Facebook home page. Don’t miss out on breaking news; join now at:


If you have any questions about the group, contact the admins Kevin Smyth or Adrian Nelsen.

Portland Historical Gaming Facebook Group

We are Historical Wargamers in the PDX area. We use this page to communicate and coordinate games and events as well as brag about victory!

Active games in our circle right now are: Saga, Bolt Action, Lion Rampant, All the King’s Men, Song of Blades and Heroes, and Pike and Shotte (ECW). We are always looking to add more.

You will typically find us at Red Castle Games in FoPo and Guardian Games. We also play a lot of home games.

Some of us are members of NHMGS and Ordo Fanaticus too. Many of us can be found at the Monthly Guardian Historical Wargames Day


NHMGS Yahoo! Group

One significant point of interaction since 1999 is the NHMGS Yahoo! Group. The group allows interaction between NHMGS members about events, organizational matters, and other things. With nearly 300 members, it’s a great place to connect online and keep in touch with breaking news (or controversies).

To subscribe go to: http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/NHMGS/

Member Photo Collections

View NHMGS member’s photo collections on online photo sharing sites like Flickr (Yahoo),Picasa (Google), and Photobucket:

Miniature Wargaming on Flickr

A (slowly) growing collection of wargaming photos by David Sullivan (so far mostly of Bill Stewart’s figures…).

Kevin Smyth’s Photobucket

A bucket of wargaming photos by Kevin Smyth. Lots of variety from several genres.

Astoria Gaming Group photos

Dave Mebust‘s Flickr collection of photos from the gamers in Astoria, OR. AK-47 plus lots of Future and sci-fi gaming: Dirtside, Full Thrust, Stargrunt.

Mark Waddington’s Flickr photos

Lots of pics of Mark‘s gaming interests and his excellent scratch-built Victorian Sci-Fi toys (and Martian women!).

NHMGS Member Blog Posts

Dots of Paint
 Glipses of the gaming world from north of the border from newly quintagenarian expert painter and creator of Larry Leadhead Doug Hamm.

A Gamer’s Tales
Missives on the hobby from the south sound by gamer, educator, editor, and habitual NHMGS office holder Kevin Smyth.

WAB Corner
 Dean Motoyama‘s blog that starts with Warhammer Ancient Battles and rounds out to much more about painting and other gaming projects.

I Live With Cats
Musings on wargaming and, occasionally, other things (like cats) from wargamer and standard-issue bipedal humanoid cat-minder unit (BHCMU) David Sullivan.

West Sound Warriors
A community blog by Mitch Berdinka about a the activities of his very active gaming group in Kitsap County, WA.

Strategikon II
Mitch Berdinka‘s other blog about the entertaining misadventures of Minimus Gluteus, based on the classic series of articles from the Courier about Maximus Gluteus.

Naval Gazing
 Commentary from wargamer and former submariner Dave Schueler on various topics (but mostly about wargames and naval stuff).

Encouragement for inexperienced and veteran wargamers from Pat Lowinger whose blog focuses on historical wargaming with Warhammer Ancient Battles and Bolt Action WW2.

Stern-Rake Studio
 A blog about gaming, pop culture, and writing by retired airman Ted Henkle from Tacoma. Lots of links to Stern-Rake Productions videos of Ted’s gaming sessions.

Operation: Wargaming!
Chronicles of the exploits of a little Portland, Oregon wargaming group by Victor Cina. The groups interests run from medieval to modern gaming.

Black Powder Napoleonics
A blog by John Kennedy of The Panzer Depot devoted to all things Napoleonic with Black Powder wargame rules.

The Pewter-Pixel Wars
 A blog by Greg Maggard (a.k.a. El Grego) mostly about Fantasy/RPG gaming, with a lot of interesting posts about Tékumel.

Mini Ship Gaming
 Another blog by Greg Maggard, this one focuses on naval gaming, which he comes to naturally since his father served on USS Richmond in WW2.

Threwdish Ways
The prolific Greg Maggard‘s third blog, this one focuses on his RPG/skirmish/big-battle game ideas based on D.M. Cornish‘s books.

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