NHMGS is an organization of historical miniature gamers located in the Pacific Northwest.


Membership in NHMGS entitles you to reduced admission to the NHMGS historical miniature gaming convention, Enfilade!; and discounts at certain hobby stores. You are also plugged into the largest association of historical gamers on the West Coast.

To Join NHMGS contact: Bruce Meyer, Invictus2004@nullcomcast.net

There are three officers who oversee general NHMGS matters. For information about NHMGS events, conventions, etc. contact:

For specific information about membership contact:

NHMGS is made up of four chapters that cover the various areas of the Pacific Northwest. Each is presided over by a vice president who act as a coordinator and point of contact for the region.

To send information about an event or to update/correct information already on the website contact: Sven Luger (vikingjarl@nullgmail.com)

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