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Enfilade! 2018 GM Registration is OPEN:

Gamemaster Registration is now open. Have a game idea that players are just going to LOVE? Head on over to the registration site and reserve your timeslot and table-size now!

Event Registration

Key Dates

  • GM Event Registration OPENS: Jan-1-2018 00:01
    • GM’s – Remember you will have 24 hours from time of your submission(s) to complete any revisions or updates yourself. After 24 hrs please contact the Event Coordinator.
  • Pre-registration OPENS: Feb-1-2018 00:01
    • On line Enfilade Convention Pre Registration opens as well as early Event sign-up for Pre registered convention attendees as well as GM’s who have submitted an Event on-line.
    • Mail In’s must be post marked on this day to be considered as Pre Registered. Please do not procrastinate!
    • This year e are adding an additional pre-reg slot for all members who pre-register online (total: 3)
  • Pre-registrations CLOSES: April-30-2018 23:59
  • Event Sign-Up CLOSES: May-18-2018 23:59
    • Last day to use early Event sign up privileges for Pre Registered Enfilade attendees and Gm’s.
  • Enfilade! 2018: May 25, 26, 27

Any questions, please contact Victor Cina (Event Coordinator) or Alyssa Faden (Convention Director).

Bring & Buy

Every year James Denberger runs the Enfilade! Bring-n-Buy; a great opportunity to sell your books, games, rules, miniatures and Roman helmets! James does a magnificent job and we’re all grateful to him, but he can’t do this alone. If you would like to bring something to sell, note that we have some ground rules:

  • Each B&B Item or Lot must be individually tagged with Sellers name and desired price clearly indicated. A Lot may have multiple items, all of these items must be bagged, boxed, or in a tray of some form to clearly identify “This”, is a single Lot. Please remember to attach a completely filled out Seller Tag as described above.
  • No Item or Lot will be accepted which requires a perspective Buyer and/or B&B Volunteer Staff person to annotate or calculate said Item or Lot’s total final value. The Seller is solely responsible for this task. Please indicate the price clearly on the Seller Tag.
  • A 10% fee is assessed by NHMGS for all items sold or traded through the B&B. These proceeds are added to the NHMGS Treasury to help pay for the Convention.
  • Trading is allowed, but please be sure to make the appropriate donation at the Bring-n-Buy Desk.
  • Items and Lots may be left in the B&B area overnight. They will be covered with tablecloths. NHMGS and the Red Lion Hotel are not responsible for items lost or damaged in the B&B area. If you are worried about your Item or Lot, please remove it.
  • Sellers wishing to collect funds may do so during quiet times at the Bring-n-Buy Desk. Please do not attempt to collect funds during Event Sign-up times or if the Desk Staff are busy concluding sales.
  • Unless arrangements have been made, any B&B Item or Lot which is left unattended at the closing of the Bring-n-Buy Desk on Sunday afternoon will thus be considered a donation to NHMGS. These will be sold at next year’s B&B with proceeds going into the NHMGS Treasury.
  • Sellers who forget to collect their funds at the Convention can contact the NHMGS Treasurer, Bruce Meyer, for payment following the convention.

Bring n Buy Tags Bring n Buy Rules

Hotel Accommodation

Red Lion Inn Olympia, 2300 Evergreen Park Drive, Olympia WA 98502

Reservations call – (360) 943-4000, select option 1 – don’t forget to ask for the Enfilade Room Rate!

Enfilade! 2018 Flyer

Enfilade! 2018 Theme

The official results are in for next year’s Enfilade! 2018 Theme. By a pretty wide margin, and 125 voters, Rebels & Rebellions takes it by 55 votes to 19. Now we can’t wait to see what you gamemasters come up with!

Enfilade! 2018 Theme Poll Results


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