Enfilade! 2017 will be held on May 26-28, 2017 (Memorial day weekend) at the Red Lion Hotel Olympia in Olympia, WA. Join us for three great days of gaming (Friday through Sunday) with players throughout the Pacific Northwest – and beyond!

The Convention Theme for 2017 is INVASIONS!

Enfilade! 2017 Theme. The theme for 2017 Enfilade! is INVASIONS!



Pre-Register Online

You can register online with our nifty online registration site. The online tool also lets you register the events you will run and select your early game sign-up choice. Or you can download the PDFs below for event registration and event registration and follow the instructions within.

2017 Pre-Registration (PDF)2017 Event Form (PDF)

Pre-registration Cut-Off: April 26th

A reminder to all the NHMGS Membership who plan to attend Enfilade 2017. Those of you who have Pre Registered or plan to Pre Register before this coming Wednesday April 26th (the Pre Registration cutoff date) for the Convention and would like to use your two Early Event sign-up privileges, must do so on-line at the Enfilade Convention registration site before 11:59 PM, May 23rd.

Bring & Buy

Got unused, unwanted gaming stuff (and who doesn’t)? The Enfilade! Bring & Buy is a great way to recapture a few of the bucks you spent buying it all in the first place. The lobby area has been revised so we have more space than in previous years. 10% of the sale price of your goodies goes to support NHMGS and the rest of the filthy lucre is yours to keep or spend at the dealer tables!

Download the PDFs below for the Bring & Buy rules and the Bring & Buy item tags that you can prefill in Adobe Acrobat (or by hand) so that you’re ready to sell the moment you set up.

Bring & Buy Rules Bring & Buy Tags

2017 Painting Competition

There will be a table for the entries to be displayed from First session Saturday morning until the evening and the entries will be judged during the last session. Voting for Member’s Choice award will start at the end of the second session and will be open until judging is complete. We would like all painting entries to be put on display as early as possible so that members can vote for their favorite.

As a late bonus from last year, that will be carried over to Enfilade 2017, the winner in each category will receive $5 worth of “Vendor Bucks”. This Enfilade fashioned $5 bill will be usable at any vendor around the room until the end of the show.


Large Scale Figures:
May be infantry or cavalry or a mixture of both. 25mm scale figures or larger. Minimum of 3 figures. Units of 10 or more figures are preferred.

Small Scale Figures:
May be infantry or cavalry or a mixture of both. 20mm scale figures or smaller. Minimum of 5 figures. Units of 10 or more are preferred.

Vehicles & Engines of War:
Minimum of 1 figure. This category includes land vehicles, artillery (with crew), or siege engines (with crew)

Aircraft, Spacecraft, & Naval:
Minimum 1 figure.

Fantasy & Science Fiction:
Minimum of 2 figures or 1 vehicle.

Open to any scale minimum of 20 figures or 2 vehicles (including up to 10 a figure crew).

Open Children’s Painting competition:
Must be prepped, painted & worked on in its entirety by children under 16 years of age. Adult supervision is allowed.

Open Grand competition:
For those who desire to test themselves against everyone else regardless of category. Every piece is automatically in this category. Note: this includes any entry that does not fit in the above categories.

Best in Theme competition:
This competition is for the best entry evoking theme of this years Enfilade. It’s very similar to the “Best in Show” Award for the games. Every piece is entered into this category

Member’s Favorite:
Every attendee will be given a slip at registration to vote for their favorite entry. Every piece is entered into this category.

Entries may be placed into 2 categories as long as they match the criteria but can only win in one Category besides the General Competitions. For example a 25mm scale ACW artillery piece with a crew of 5 would qualify both for the Large Scale Figures category & the Vehicles & Engines of War category.

All figures are entered into the Open Grand Competition or Open Children’s Painting Competition, Best in Theme competition, & Member’s Favorite. These are the General Competitions.


  1. Judging will be done by a panel of experienced painters & gamers.
  2. What the judges will be looked for:
  3. Technical skill: How well was the miniature rendered? Was the flash removed, joints filled, painted skillfully. Judges will look for who paints a feature rather than merely using a decal.
  4. Attention to details: This is both things like researching & rendering the correct historical details: Is the button lace correct? Does you Roman cavalry have hipposandals as opposed to modern steel horseshoes? It also includes things like does your Steampunk or Sci-Fi Automaton/Warjack have all the rivets shown, is the shading correct. Your orcs don’t look like Smurfettes.
  5. Attention to Theme: This is new this year and will be based on the Enfilade theme which this year is “Invasions”.
  6. Evocation of Emotion: Not only is there a story there, but it evokes a feeling such as the pathos of a medic tending the wounded POW that was rescued, or the humor of a Star Marine sneaking up from behind & tying a Kzinti’s bootlaces together.

To see last year’s winners and entrants, don’t forget to visit our gallery! 2016 Painting Entries & Winners

Hotel Accommodation

Room rates for staying at the Red Lion Hotel Olympia are still $110.00 per night/per person, which includes breakfast buffet. Reservations call – (360) 943-4000, select option 1 – don’t forget to ask for the Enfilade Room Rate!

Red Lion Inn Olympia, 2300 Evergreen Park Drive, Olympia WA 98502

Enfilade! 2017 Flyer